Looking Back On 2018

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

(We partnered with Power California on a media campaign highlighting the power of youth of color to bring change to the ballot box. Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

What a year - from the momentous midterm elections to mobilizing people to stand against federal attacks to our rights, this has been a challenging and tumultuous year for many of us.

At Change Consulting, we are proud to continue partnering with changemakers and organizations who are working against the toughest odds to ensure justice, equity and opportunities for our communities.

Some of the highlights of our work in 2018 include:

  • Partnering with Power California to change the narrative about the power of the youth vote through a media campaign across California.

  • Working with Essie Justice Group to #FreeBlackMamas through the Mama’s Day Bailout Campaign.

  • Creating a communications strategy and messaging platform for the Bay Area Workforce Funders Collaborative, which brings together funders, workers, advocates, and employers to build an equitable regional economy.

  • Supporting a group of civil rights organizations to win a repeal of an unconstitutional loitering ordinance used to harass Oakland public housing residents.

  • Pushing back against proposed changes to the public charge rule with California Food Policy Advocates and East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation. 

As we look ahead to 2019, we are committed to redoubling our efforts to help changemakers achieve their vision of liberation for all. In the meantime, as the year draws to a close, we wish you peace, love and the perseverance to continue the fight.

In Solidarity,
The Change Consulting Team

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