Taking Action for Boys and Men of Color in California

The California Funders for Boys and Men of Color (CFBMoC), which brings together CEOs from the state’s leading philanthropy organizations, is driven by a vision that all boys and men of color should enjoy full inclusion in all of the opportunities this state has to offer, and that California’s prosperity will grow as they flourish.

Since its inception, the CFBMoC has engaged in collaborative efforts to support policy and systems change that enable our boys and men of color to achieve their greatest hopes and dreams.

Over the course of 2017, the CFBMoC took collective action to move closer to its vision by organizing around a collective framework, adopting a place-based investment strategy and advancing a communication strategy. Their progress is captured in their new publication, Taking Action Across California. Change Consulting worked with CFBMoC to produce the publication,  mapping out their goals and progress over the course of the year.

In addition, as part of their statewide effort to reduce barriers and improve opportunities for boys and men of color, CFBMoC recently announced an initial investment of $200,000 to support the coordination of efforts to reduce youth incarceration and reform the youth justice system in Los Angeles County. The planning grants will support community engagement, policy advocacy and best-practices in youth development in Southern California. Change Consulting worked with CFBMoC members and funders to announce the investment through digital and social channels as well as media outreach.


Learn more: https://cafundersforbmoc.org/

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