This Week with Change - April 26, 2019

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News
Young people are already leaders and activists. Now they want the power to vote. A resolution authored by 17-year-old Tyler Okeke to lower the voting age to 16 in Los Angeles school district elections was unanimously approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District board, “directing the superintendent to report on the feasibility — including costs — of a 2020 ballot measure”. The resolution was put together with the support of Power California, who organized youth to advocate for the resolution. The decision was covered in laist, KPCC, The LA Times, KQED and NBC Los Angeles.

Rockwood Leadership Institute is creating a space for movement-based leaders through its new Resource Leaders Fellowship. Funded by The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund for those that find themselves in development roles to “connect to their personal purpose and learn strategies to sustain themselves over the long haul in a profession notorious for burnout and rapid turnover”.

Earlier this month, hundreds of crime survivors, like Tina Rodriguez, came together in Sacramento as part of Survivors Speak, an annual event organized by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, to “advocate for laws that will help make prevention, rehabilitation and trauma recovery core features of California’s criminal justice system”. In the Fresno Bee, she tells her story and journey of healing, as well as starting a new chapter of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice in Fresno.

Jessica Nowlan from Young Women’s Freedom Center talks about the importance of healing in community, not detention in the Los Angeles Times as California continues to take steps to reform the juvenile justice system, including how it looks at probation, detention and reinvestment.

What We’re Reading
2016 - 2018 Leading Edge Fellow Patrisse Cullors looks at the historical context of abolition and reparations, as well as what both can mean in practice in our everyday lives in the Harvard Law Review’s series on Prison Abolition.

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