This Week with Change - April 5, 2019

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News
30 philanthropic organizations across the country, including Northern California Grantmakers,  filed an amicus brief this week, “asking the United States Supreme Court to consider the harm an undercount in the upcoming 2020 Census will have on philanthropy’s mission, which relies on a complete census count for data-driven investments and solutions tailored to their communities”.

What’s Coming Up
The 6th annual Survivors Speak event will be held in Sacramento next week from April 8-9. The convening will continue to place survivors at the center of a growing movement focused on safety by focusing on developing a healing agenda, winning investment in shared safety priorities, and activating the power of this community.

Young Women’s Freedom Center is bringing together young people, families and community members to rally in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 9, to call on leaders to act now to close San Francisco’s Juvenile Hall and invest in alternatives to incarceration.

Change We Applaud
In addition to the work that Charles Berry and Richie ‘Reseda’ Edmond-Vargas have been doing to educate other incarcerated men on “how their lives have been affected by patriarchy and toxic masculinity”, this week, they launched Success Stories as an official nonprofit organization to “tackle patriarchy head-on, defining its meaning and introducing concepts like rape culture and toxic masculinity”.

In Case You Missed It
In April of last year, hundreds of survivors of violent crimes gathered in Sacramento as part of the Californians for Safety and Justice annual National Crime Victims' Rights Week event, where ‘calls were issued for a new approach to criminal justice and public safety in California, one that puts survivors at the center of policy’. Almost 700 people met for the fifth annual event to push for additional state funding for rehabilitation and investment into community based services.

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