This Week with Change - February 14, 2020

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News

“The systemic incarceration of people is not working...What it does is it creates them to be tougher, to be stronger when they get out.” Advocates from a coalition led by the Urban Peace Movement gathered at Alameda County’s Public Protection Meeting this week to oppose the County's plan to spend $75 million on Camp Sweeney. The annual cost to incarcerate a youth in Alameda County reached $493,000 in 2018 up from $157,000 in 2011. San Francisco Chronicle

Iowa is 91% white and New Hampshire 94% white. The emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire as early states has resulted in a winnowing field of white top tier candidates - an injustice. She the People’s fix: Let the diverse states of Nevada and South Carolina vote first, before Iowa and New Hampshire. Sign the petition with Presente Action demanding a commitment from the Democratic National Committee to change the 2024 presidential primary calendar today! 

Coming up 

So excited for this powerful event coming up next month: Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition will launch Freedom 2030, a ten-year political organizing, culture change and legislative campaign led by formerly incarcerated and systems involved girls, women and TGNC people that will build a statewide movement toward decriminalization, decarceration and transformative justice, on International Women’s Day. Learn more HERE.

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