This Week with Change - July 26, 2019

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News 

Riverside County agreed to groundbreaking measures to settle a lawsuit filed against its Youth Accountability Team (YAT) program, which sweeps thousands of young people, especially students of color, into a punitive supervision program and the criminal justice system. The lawsuit was filed against Riverside County on behalf of students and the non-profit mentoring organization Sigma Beta Xi, Inc., which works with young people of color in the area. The Press Enterprise, The Desert-Sun, Education Week

Coming up:

Power California’s Year of Power Celebration will take place on August 29 in Los Angeles. In just one year, the organization has already shifted the California electorate to be younger, more diverse, and more progressive by centering the leadership of young people of color at the heart of the most pressing issues affecting our communities. 

Change we applaud: 

Inspired by San Francisco’s recent groundbreaking decision to shut down the city’s juvenile hall, officials in San Mateo will re-evaluate youth incarceration and the future of juvenile hall in the fall. San Francisco Chronicle

What We’re Reading: 

Consistently defining people in denigrating terms is one way that racist narratives become institutionalized and part of the culture.” This opinion piece by Trabian Shorters, Founder of BMe Community, reminds us of the power of communications to transform -- or perpetuate -- harmful narratives. To lift up the communities that we serve, we must separate the person from the injustices, disparities, and needs that they experience. 

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