This Week with Change - July 2, 2020

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News: 

Photo by Jean Melesaine

This week, Akonadi Foundation launched All in for Oakland, a new initiative to invest audaciously in people of color-led organizing, base-building and policy advocacy to end the criminalization of Black youth and youth of color in Oakland. All in for Oakland grant partners have worked for decades to cultivate the power and agency of young people and families who have been criminalized by the education and juvenile justice systems, and to hold people in power accountable.  And they are winning. ABC7. SFGate

Last week, Oakland took a momentous step towards decriminalizing young people of color. As a result of the fierce and tireless advocacy of Black Organizing Project, the Oakland School Board unanimously passed the George Floyd Resolution to Eliminate the Oakland School Police Department. Salon. EdSource

The Free Our Kids Coalition is celebrating another win for young people of color in Alameda County. As a result of the advocacy of the collaborative of community-based organizations, the County cancelled its plans to spend $75 million to rebuild Camp Sweeney, a youth detention camp that houses on average 14 to 15 young people per day. Urban Peace Movement led an action last week to protest Alameda County’s budget, including future plans for Camp Sweeney. KQED.


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