This Week with Change - March 13, 2020

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

In light of the astonishing COVID 19 developments in the Bay Area, and across California, the U.S. and the world, we want to wish our community well.

Yes, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home if you’re sick. AND keep fighting for what we need to keep our communities safe: affordable and accessible healthcare for all, paid emergency sick leave, and equal access to the resources we need to stay healthy.

Client News

Photo by Brooke Anderson

On Monday, March 9, hundreds of Sister Warriors and their friends, family members, and allies gathered to launch Freedom 2030, a decade-long campaign led by formerly incarcerated and systems-involved women, girls, trans and gender-nonconforming people towards decriminalization and decarceration. Congratulations to the Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition on a hugely successful event in the movement to end mass incarceration! This is only the beginning: visit to learn more about the campaign and sign on to the Freedom Charter, a declaration of rights and the compass for this movement. Sacramento Bee

The East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) recently announced the purchase of four buildings in Oakland -- stabilizing affordable rents for 73 units -- as part of EBALDC’s innovative and replicable model for preserving and expanding quality affordable housing. These purchases bring the total number of properties in the Housing Acquisition Fund portfolio to nine, allowing EBALDC to help make sure residents in the 257 units are able to stay in their homes and communities. EBALDC is hoping to grow this number to 2,000 apartments in the city over the next decade. Bay Area News Group

Now that the field of Democratic nominees is essentially down to two white men, She the People rallied nearly 1,000 people to call for a woman of color vice presidential candidate to be added to the ticket. Read more results from the poll at
NBC News

Change we applaud

Photo by Cierra Quintana

Also on Monday in honor of International Women’s Day, our very own Dulce Lopez helped organize a rally outside the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco in solidarity with the women being killed, disappeared and abused in Mexico and to call for accountability from the government for the violence. We are inspired and energized by Dulce’s commitment to social justice every day! Golden Gate Express.

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