This Week with Change - November 15, 2019

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News 

On November 14, The ACLU of Northern California, KQED, the California Historical Society, and the Equal Justice Society launched “Gold Chains: The Hidden History of Slavery in California.” The public education campaign highlights the injustices black and Native people endured in California, and how this legacy shapes the state we know today through 13 essays and six audio stories. The full campaign is available at the ACLU of Northern California’s website.

Last week, the Young Women’s Freedom Center celebrated their newest site in Santa Clara County. YWFC partnered with local leadership in the County to reach their goal of zero incarceration for girls, transgender and gender-nonconforming youth of color. Congratulations! San Jose Inside

Leadership we applaud: 

The brave members of the Young Women’s Freedom Center and California Coalition for Women Prisoners are working to expose sexual abuse of women, transgender, gender-nonconforming and queer people in prison and jail across California through the #MeTooBehindBars campaign, and by lifting up their own experiences of harassment and assault by corrections officers. KQED


More than 300 people came out to Esports Arena: Oakland for OakGameFest-’19. Co-hosted by Gameheads, GIVE TV and The Mix, The Town Experience event celebrated the convergence of hip hop, tech and video games and gave diverse devs of color -- including Gameheads students -- a chance to show off innovative and unique games. More highlights from an awesome night @wearegameheads.

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