This Week with Change - November 8, 2019

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Client News

This week,
She the People launched a campaign to create a politics grounded in love, justice, and belonging -- a politics we have not yet seen. Check out their campaign launch video and sign up for 2020! 

“In our experience, we have found one thing to be consistently true – no one is more invested in outcomes than a community organizer and a movement leader. ” Lori Bezahler and Lateefah Simon, Presidents of the Akonadi and Hazen foundations, in a commentary on what is possible when foundations grapple with the fact that their wealth was accumulated unjustly. More at the Chronicle of Philanthropy

What We’re Reading: 

Last year, OakDOT and the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation partnered for Paint the Town, a painting project to welcome changes to the historic San Pablo Corridor that enhanced safety and aesthetics, honored the history of the neighborhood and the people that made it the special place it is, and served as a tool for placekeeping. CityLab.


This week, the Young Women’s Freedom Center launched their newest site in Santa Clara County. Thanks to the work of YWFC, the young leaders driving this work in the South Bay and County leadership, the movement to get to zero detention for girls in Santa Clara is gaining momentum. Congratulations! 

Coming up: 

OakGameFest-’19 is tomorrow! Join Gameheads, GIVE TV and The MIX for a celebration of hip hop, tech and video games. Held at Esports Arena: Oakland, OakGameFest will include a panel featuring E40, Mistah Fab, Just Blaze and more, indie game titles from Gameheads students and more diverse devs, and live music. You won’t want to miss it! Tickets at

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