This Week with Change - September 20, 2019

Our weekly digest of client news and events.

Time For Change Foundation has helped over 1,500 women and children across California achieve self-sufficiency, reunite with their families, recover from homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, and more. Vote for Time for Change for the @Aetna Voices of Health Competition. Your vote will support a non-profit that provides housing and healthy communities for low-income families and individuals:

Client News

The Getting Home Safe Act, a crucial first step towards making sure that all Californians are treated with dignity, respect and humanity, sits on Governor Newsom’s desk awaiting signature. Amika Mota, policy director of the Young Women’s Freedom Center who partnered with Senator Nancy Skinner on the legislation, calls on the Governor to sign SB 42 into law in this powerful op-ed. The Mercury News

Tammie Denyse, crime survivor and member of the Sacramento Chapter of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, wrote this powerful piece on the need to remove barriers for survivors of crime to access the life-saving support they are legally entitled to. Capitol Weekly

Ahead of the Majority, a new report from Groundswell Fund and AAPI Civic Engagement Fund, helps us understand how and why women of color will redefine U.S. politics in the 2020 elections. Forbes helps break down this watershed moment in the political mobilization of women of color in U.S. history.

What We’re Reading

Speaking of data, MTV reminds us that to achieve real and lasting social change, people need access to have access to tools and information that will allow them to evaluate people in power and hold them accountable. More on using numbers to change systems in their profile of Samuel Sinyangwe

And finally, Happy Latinx Heritage month from Change Consulting! 

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